<![CDATA[the fault in our lipsticks - Makeup]]>Tue, 08 Mar 2016 10:34:08 +0800Weebly<![CDATA[review-  essie  nail  enamel  in   ballet   slippers   (6)]]>Sun, 19 Jul 2015 12:13:55 GMThttp://thefaultinourlipsticks.weebly.com/makeup/review-essie-nail-enamel-in-ballet-slippers-6Ballet Slippers is a very pale blue-toned petal pink creme. In some lighting, it can look white, but in the right lights, it looks a subtle shade of pink. I find the colour to be quite ladylike and professional, but still noticeable. 

Top coat: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Ultra-Wear
Base Coat: Creative Nail Design Stickey Start Base Coat

I ended up applying 4 coats to achieve an opaque look. Up until the third one, I was skeptical that the polish would end up looking so nice. 
1 coat + base coat
The first coat was quite streaky on some nails, but some (as shown in the picture), barely showed up as anything.
2 coats + base coat
After the second coat, I was getting some more colour, but more streaks. Still not opaque, and this is where I would usually draw the line. 
3 coats + base coat
If I was painting my nails regularly, I'm unhappy with one coat applying this much, but, I had time to spare. I kept enduring. Looking less streaky and more opaque, but still patchy. 
Coat four didn't make a massive difference on these nails, but any that were still streaky after coat 3 were no longer when coat four came along. 

Then I added some glitter! My favourite. This was L'Oréal Paris Top Coat Carat Color Riche in 910 gold carat. 

And a regular top coat to seal it all in!